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CleanPeak Energy is a specialist distributed energy company, focused on deploying renewable assets, energy storage systems and gas fired generation for Commercial and Industrial Customers

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CleanPeak Energy is a company focused on assisting responsible organisations deploy renewable energy to enhance their site, save on electricity, reduce their emissions footprint and lead current thinking in relation to the adoption of technologies for a sustainable future.

CleanPeak Energy was founded by Philip Graham and Jon Hare in 2017 on the idea of building a distributed energy business utilising Solar Technology at its core and integrating Batteries and other gas and retail services when economic. Philip and Jon bring over 50 years of combined experience in the sector and have built a complimentary team to assist them in achieving their business goals along with delivering quality solutions, emission reductions and long term customer relationships. CleanPeak Energy remains an Australian owned company.

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CleanPeak's core business is owning and operating distributed energy assets with a focus on developing long term customer relationships. Our strategy is to develop a portfolio of renewable generation, coupled with best in class battery installations to ensure delivered electricity is reliable and fixed network charges are reduced.  Additionally, CleanPeak has the ability to introduce gas supplies to further reduce reliance on fossil fuels.  To deliver this portfolio CleanPeak has established partnerships with industry leading technology companies; including Powin Energy, for Batteries, and Galileo Technologies, for Gas Delivery, and specialist tier one EPC providers to design and construct high quality and efficient energy systems for customers.

As the owner and operator of the energy systems, CleanPeak allows customers to avoid the upfront capital costs and technology risks associated with distributed energy while receiving the benefit of low cost power generation under a flexible Power Purchase Agreement.

CleanPeak leads with Solar, delivering energy with the lowest levelised cost of energy (LCOE) available, enhancing our offer with energy storage systems, energy efficiency and demand management services and where economic, including gas solutions to ensure reliability and further savings.


Our Target Market

CleanPeak targets high value sites to deliver integrated solar and battery installations. Our customers include shopping centre owners and commercial and industrial building owners and tenants, who partner with us to implement renewable energy systems that deliver sustainability targets and cost savings, whilst releasing working capital for their core business.

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Our Delivery Model

CleanPeak designs distributed energy systems to ensure maximum energy production. System designs are optimised to suit individual site characteristics and our CEC accredited design team ensures that all systems meet industry standards and regulations. Our project volume allows for direct procurement of panels, inverters and batteries, ensuring the highest quality of product at the most economic pricing.

CleanPeak's delivery platform draws on the expertise of international procurement agents with dedicated staff in China to undertake contract negotiation and quality assurance testing. Project installation is undertaken by tier 1 installers representing the largest installers in the market who are contracted specifically for each asset.

Our in-house planners and estimators manage the construction schedules and safety environment to ensure OHS standards are adhered to at each customer site.

CleanPeak generally owns and operates the system and delivers property owners a package of insurances, as well as audited procedures to ensure the installation and operation of the system does not interrupt business at the site or damage property.


Our Risk Profile 

CleanPeak Energy prices and delivers client solutions while managing and holding risks associated with investing in distributed energy assets. The many risks associated with distributed assets often complicates the upfront investment decision for businesses and distracts management from their core strategy. CleanPeak understands the delivery, price, technology, regulatory and market risks associated with distributed energy assets and converts them into a manageable contract offering for our customers.

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Our Funding Model

CleanPeak recognised the capital intensive nature of our business and set about developing a competitive funding model to support the development of our portfolio. The CPE Renewable Investment Unit Trust (CPERI) was established and seeded by Colonial First State Asset Management via its Wholesale Infrastructure Income Fund (WIIF). WIIF's initial investment approval is for $100M which when added to CPERI's debt capacity provides funding for projects in excess of $250M. CPERI is now actively persuing the investment phase of its growth plan with the expectation of deploying the Funds capital within the next 2-3 years.
CPERI is managed by CleanPeak Energy and the trust exclusively invests in assets developed or acquired by CleanPeak


Contact us

If you would like to contact CleanPeak Energy to discuss how we can assist in managing your renewable energy strategy, providing a behind-the-meter energy system or supplementing gas delivery for your site, please contact our team

Level 9, 213 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060


Tel:  02 9437 4065