Customer Charter

Here you’ll find what you can expect from us as a CleanPeak Solar Connect customer and other important information. 


Terms & conditions for the sale of electricity 

Download and read the full version of our terms and conditions for the sale of electricity. This includes what you can expect from us as the authorised retailer and supplier of electricity, and the rights and obligations of CleanPeak Energy electricity customers. 



If you have any questions relating to your account, please call us on 1300 038 069, we’re here to help. 

If you need an interpreter, call TIS National on 131 450

You might also find answers to your questions in our frequently asked questions page. 


Your privacy 

We respect your rights to privacy under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and we’re committed to complying with the Privacy Act’s requirements for collecting and managing your personal information. 


Read our Privacy Policy

Read our Online Privacy Policy


We welcome your feedback to improve our service to you. If you’re unhappy with the services offered by CleanPeak Energy, Contact Us and we’ll try and address your concerns promptly and fairly. 


Read our Complaint Handling Policy for more information about our standard complaints and dispute resolution procedures. 

We do hope we can resolve your complaint, but it’s important to know that you can access independent advice and assistance at any time.  The contact number for the energy Ombudsman in your state or territory is as follows: 


Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW      1800 246 545 

Energy and Water Ombudsman SA          1800 665 565 


Plan Information 

We offer competitive rates. If you would like a copy of the Plan Information Document with our electricity pricing information please Contact Us.  Please note: CleanPeak Solar Connect is only available to owners and tenants in a CleanPeak Energy Solar PV Embedded Network and is a non-generally available offer. 


Timeframes for Metering Installation for Small Customers 

You may request that we install a new meter at your property. Where we agree that a new meter needs to be installed, and you are a small customer of ours, there are several rules that we must follow.  Read our policy on Timeframes for Metering Installation for Small Customers

Timeframes for Connection and Disconnection

Please refer to our FAQs for more information on the process and timelines for supply connection and disconnection.

Energy Made Easy 

Energy Made Easy is an Australian Government website where you can compare energy offers.

Visit Energy Made Easy at 


Faults and emergencies 

To report a fault, please contact your local distributor. This information can be found on your CleanPeak Energy electricity bill. More information about faults. 


If there is an electrical emergency where there is risk to life or property, please call 000. 

Direct debit terms and conditions 

We offer a range of payment options including direct debit. It’s a convenient way to make sure you never miss a payment.  Please Contact Us if you'd like to set up a direct debit arrangement. 

Customer Hardship Policy

This policy applies to all residential customers living in Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and South Australia who find it hard to pay their energy bills due to hardship.